NEWS // February 09, 2021
World Bank Launches Sustainable Development Bond for RockCreek and Equality Fund While Raising Awareness for Gender Equality
Innovative solutions for sustainable investing is the future! RockCreek is excited to announce the issuance of our newest investment – World Bank Sustainable Development Bond with a focus on Gender Equality for our partner The Equality Fund. We look to provide access to capital, generate strong returns, and create impact for our global community.

“We are in unprecedented times which call for creative solutions so that we can mobilize capital to build a more just, equitable world,” said Afsaneh Beschloss, CEO of RockCreek and former Treasurer of the World Bank. “With the type of work that the World Bank, Equality Fund, and RockCreek are doing we can address the challenges of inequity globally and show the impact and role that we can play in society and the economy for all.”

“We are honored to support the development of innovative financing tools that help support sustainable development and focus on improving gender inequality,” said Alifia Doriwala, Co-CIO at RockCreek. “These types of solutions allow institutions to meaningfully invest in impact, generate returns, and scale their mission and will be a model for future investments.”

Ken Lay, Senior Managing Director of RockCreek and Former Treasurer of the World Bank  “The World Bank has a long history – unusual in an international public institution – working directly with enlightened asset owners and managers to match investors’ needs for competitive risk-adjusted returns with the World Bank’s crucial mission delivering costs-effective finance for global public goods.  It’s a privilege for RockCreek to re-engage with World Bank colleagues and catalyze such productive and complementary relationship with the Equality Fund.”

Download the press release here

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