Focus Areas

Balanced Investment Partners
With $8.5 billion invested since inception across balanced teams, we’re marshalling unique strengths to generate long-term value for today’s dynamic world.

Cultivating Tomorrow's Investment Leaders Today

At RockCreek, we have investments with a brain trust of over 70 balanced investment teams. We have invested $8.5 billion with diverse teams since the firm’s inception, including more than $2.7 billion in women-owned firms, more than $1.75 billion in Latino-owned firms, and more than $1.2 billion in Black-owned firms.

Emerging Leaders Spotlight

We include emerging managers in our portfolios, irrespective of mandate, because we believe they often produce returns that are uncorrelated to the overall market. Emerging managers often focus on themes and opportunities overlooked by larger managers. That thesis is backed by academic research and correlates to our experience spanning nearly two decades.