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Equity Markets:
Europe retained its leadership position on Wednesday. The region’s gains were spread across country and sector with 91% of Eurostoxx 600 constituents posting gains while only energy saw a sub-1% rise. India’s Sensex climbed 1.8% in local terms in response to the appointment of a new central bank governor. In the U.S., S&P 500 again finished well off its highs after gaining as much as 1.8% intraday. It was somewhat of a junk rally as quality and yield lagged more volatile shares with high short interest.

Bond Markets:
The Treasury curve saw a modest bear steepening with the belly seeing the most weakness. Gilt yields jumped as Theresa May faced a confidence vote over her Brexit plan, which she ultimately won by a difference of 200 to 117. Indian bonds strengthened with the appointment of Shaktikanta Das as central bank governor who is being seen as more dovish than his predecessor.

Currency Markets:
The U.S. dollar weakened -0.4%. British pound led among G10, rallying 1.1% ahead of the confidence vote noted above. Emerging market currencies were broadly stronger with the JPMorgan EM FX Index up 0.5%. South Africa’s rand appreciated 1.5% as an inflation reading exceeded expectations. Brazilian real gained 1.2% ahead of an interest rate decision this afternoon that saw BCB hold rates at 6.5%.

Commodity Markets:
The Bloomberg Commodity Index declined -0.5% on energy weakness. WTI slumped -0.9% to $51.20 per barrel after the EIA’s weekly status report showed crude oil inventories declined by 1.2 million barrels last week, lower than the expected 3 million barrel draw and a far cry from the 10 million barrel decline reported by API yesterday. Natural gas continued to be exceptionally volatile with futures down -7.0% on the session. 


Today’s consumer price report was in line with expectations as both headline and core numbers matched consensus forecasts. The headline index was unchanged from October, recording a 2.2% increase from a year prior. The core index (ex-food and energy) also saw a 2.2% year-over-year increase after rising 0.2% in November. BLS also issued its real earnings report that showed average hourly earnings increased by 1.0% year-over-year over the rate of inflation.


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