Focus Areas

Emerging Markets
Marshalling growth opportunities around the world.

With more than $3 billion invested across six regions, RockCreek has a long history of sustainable investing in emerging markets. Our approach combines proprietary on-the-ground research; in-depth, market-specific knowledge; relationships with companies and investors who are on the cutting edge of new opportunities; and deep understanding of the dynamics affecting the world – today and tomorrow.

Global Success; Local Insight

RockCreek’s global emerging markets team uses an interdisciplinary approach that includes insight and intelligence from renowned investors, policymakers, economists, and strategists to guide our views on countries and investment themes. And our local teams’ knowledge of small- and mid-cap companies and technology and venture opportunities help us harness some of the world’s most dynamic growth opportunities, while assisting in the further development of markets.

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The Global Economy After SVB and Credit Suisse

March 23, 2023

As part of RockCreek's celebration of International Women's Month, Senior Global Strategist Caroline Atkinson welcomed two leading female economists for a timely discussion of global economic challenges: Carmen Reinhart, former World Bank Chief Economist and professor at Harvard University; and Betsey Stevenson, former member of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors and professor at the University of Michigan.


The Global Economy After SVB and Credit Suisse

March 22, 2023